Black Label Package Review

Wow an agency that really does perform. Myself and a friend called and asked what the Black Label Package was all about. I’m not short of money and I like things done properly. I have to say that everything on your package was carried out with style.

We loved the traffic escort which made us feel very special for the journey. We were staying at the St. Regis in a Caroline Astor Suite which was the epitome of luxury with a great view over the golf and racecourse.

For our evenings entertainment I’m glad we chose to have you guide us. On your recommendation we visited a very cool bar/club called Maggie Choo’s, this place was extremely smooth. We left there around 12:30am and headed for Ku De Ta. Another great venue, after showing off some dance moves it was back to that heavenly bed at the St. Regis to share some intimate moments with a very special young lady from your extensive stable.
A very big thank you from the lads.


Joseph & DannyVancouver

Best Bachelor Party!

We are a group of guys from the US, who contacted Black Label about organising a Bachelor Party for us during a 3 day stay in Bangkok. Here is our story.

After a 6am arrival we were in an S Class Mercedes and on our way to the hotel. The fun had begun, by 9am we were opening our first bottle of champagne with our breakfast.

At midday our first team of models arrived looking superb and very enthusiastic. After more champagne was drunk and the girls had put on soem very small bikinis we headed to the pool for sun, more drinks and some relaxation for a few hours.

After resting by the pool we thought we should get to know our girls a bit more intimately. The girls were super cool, we showered and did what all guys love doing and what the girls clearly loved too. Then it was time to shower again, put on some clothes and see what Bangkok city had in store.

I can’t remember the names of everywhere we went, but I remember we hit some lively outdoor place some where called Thong Lor where it was cool and we drank martinis with oysters. Then we went to some clubs in RCA which was filled with stunning Thai girls although only eye candy as we had a team of even better looking models with us.  We partied very hard until the early hours of the morning and our first day was over with a bang and that feeling that you are going to have a major hangover when you wake up.

Day 2 – After a few hours sleep and waking up with a sore head there was only one thing for it. Cold showers and get our next day started. After breakfast (without alcohol this time) we kissed our sweethearts goodbye and gave them a gift each for their great work. We then realised it was almost 1pm and we’d booked a different selection of girls who would be arriving. They arrived and well the first days girls had been hot but the girls standing in front of us were perfection. Trying to be cool and relaxed with sweat running off us and the smell of alcohol in the air was not what we had intended. Anyway after telling the girls some of what we did the night before they were very understanding and just joked that they hoped we had stamina to do it again.

We felt it was time to open some more champagne so took the corks out of a few bottles of DP and things started to seem normal again. After some splashing around in the pool and some shots we headed to our rooms for some relaxation and to prove we could still get it up.   I’m not only speaking for myself when I say these girls were beautiful and the service they provided blew me away. After a few hours of sleep we left the hotel and went to Vertigo bar where we had dinner and drinks.   After dinner we moved on to Zuma at the St. Regis hotel.  What a cool place that is.   The girls wanted to go somewhere with more action so we went back to Tong Lor and tried some different places for more drinks.    I have to admit that my only thought was getting back to the hotel and getting back in bed with this stunning model again.  That is whenh I called you Max to ask if I could extend the time with the lady I was with, but you said that there was better to come!

Day 3 – The following day we got up late, in fact it was already 1pm and our next group of ladies had arrived.  These girls were incredible, hard to imagine but even better that the ones we’d already spent time with.  We were told by the ladies that today they had some real surprises for us.   After 3 hours of what seemed like I was going to die of pleasure I begged the two girls to give me a break.  My phone was bleeping with all the messages from my boys who couldn’t believe what was happening.  After a nice shower with my girls it was time to head for dinner.

At the hotel entrance our limos had been replaced by 4 tuk-tuks.  What a fun way to travel that was as we raced through Bangkok’s streets.  We arrived at a very sophisticated Italian restaurant and with plenty of eyes on us as we entered, sat down to a really top class meal which ended with several limoncello shots.   When we left the Tuk-Tuks had been replaced by limos again and the girls told us that we were now going to a special private party.   We arrived at a condo building and went up to the penthouse, which had a swimming pool on the terrace and more gorgeous girls than I can imagine.   My buddies and I took one look at the girls in the pool then stripped off and dove right in.

It is now December 15 and in 3 weeks I will be married.   I don’t suppose I’ll be having another holiday like that one unless of my buddies decided to get married in which case we’ll be doing the bachelor party again! I want to say a huge thank you to Black Label Bangkok Escorts, everything was perfect, you provided exactly what you said you would.  I cannot imagine any other agency being able to match your service.

Thanks again

Joe, Sam, Leigh, LucUSA