A great day out fishing with the girls

Hi there guys, this is Jerry from England. Just wanted to give you a review of the excellent fishing excursion you arranged for me and my buddies.

We booked to go on your fishing package along with three of your lovely Thai escorts, Amy, May, and Tik to join us. They were all really great girls and all of them seemed to really enjoy catching fish. They all drank and were very enjoyable to have around.
The fishing itself was top class. We got into around 45 fish from 9am until 6pm. Mainly the Mekong Catfish and we landed 3 Siamese Carp. One of my mates Danny landed a 98 kilo whopper!
After having our arms pulled out all day we went back to the hotel with the girls. Had a quick shower and a rub down then went out to town. Overall it was a first class experience.
Thanks again from the England boys!